Water shortages are becoming increasingly alarming, as they have been affecting more and more regions worldwide. In fact, experts are saying that droughts will become a global concern by the year 2020.

In places like Black Forest or Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the climate is semi-arid with the average precipitation rate falling less than half of the nation’s, it is vital to save water in every way possible.

Xeriscaping, also known as dryscaping, involves creating drought-tolerant landscapes and keeping water consumption to a minimum. Our strategy at Bear Claw Landscaping involves combining drought-resistant plants, mulch, and hardscaping materials in building or upgrading landscapes. We may also replace natural lawns with synthetic turf.

While this may seem like a picture of a drab landscape with rocks and cacti, a xeriscape actually allows for a variety of vibrantly colored blooms, shrubs, and trees that thrive even in arid conditions.

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